Why Are African Americans Not Voting Republican?

President Barack Obama won the African American vote by far in the 2012 election, such a high margin it isn’t worth listing the percentage. This is partly because of a black presidential candidate. Even if Barack Obama wasn’t running and there was a Caucasian candidate they would likely receive almost the entirety of the African American vote, but just why is that? Democrats seem to have the black vote permanently reserved despite figures such as black unemployment being nearly double the national average and that between 2007 and 2010 black families lost 27.1% of their average net worth.

Let’s take a look at many of the reasons African Americans do not vote Republican:

1) Republicans do not campaign to blacks because it is seen as a waste of campaign dollars:
This is actually a valid campaign tactic; why spend time and money trying to reach votes you’re likely never to get? If you are given $10,000 to campaign with, of course it wouldn’t make sense to send them to black households when you have a base guaranteed to vote for you that you can send them to. On the other hand it costs nothing to knock on doors. Yes, many canvassers are paid but not all. People who want change or to work towards a cause enough do not mind knocking on doors for free. Plenty people have done it in the past and continue to do so today.

2) Republicans do not campaign to blacks because they are not receptive of their message:
In order for someone to be receptive of your message you have to give it first. As of now the Republican message is told on Fox News and not in the community where African Americans live. Telling your truth on Fox News is not going to win the African American vote, but going in the community will. People will only vote for who they see and if you never enter their community, all that is left is the Democratic Party which flawed message and all they have a presence in the community which shows they have made an effort with the demographic, something the Republican Party has not done.

3) Black Republicans are unwilling to campaign to other blacks as they are happy being the Republican Party’s “black friend:”
Many black Republicans refuse to speak to blacks because that isn’t why they joined the party. This is a breed of African Americans that use their place in the Republican Party to feel accomplished or arrived. It is these people who need to understand that if they want to have white friends they need to join a social club or see a therapist but there is no need to join the Republican Party doing nothing just to make themselves feel better. After all, how many decades are we going to go using the same philosophy ignoring blacks? There is no excuse for it.

4) A lot of black Republicans are willing to be shells for the Republican Party saying things they do not believe in order to fit in:
Black conservatives like Allen West who state that they have never experienced racism is why African Americans refuse to vote Republican. You do not have to lie to fit in but many feel the need to do so. West who is in his 50s, is from Atlanta, GA, went to college in Tennessee and served 20 years in the military and wants to tell us with that history he has not experienced racism? That sure is a likely story. Most black conservatives that make it on to television are not telling the other side or sharing from a black perspective, but in turn are say things they do not believe, just to have some form of a political career. This is why Allen West was replaced by a 30 year old. People could see through his words.

5) Campaigning to blacks is a lost cause as that ship has sailed and is a lost cause:
All races and people of different economic status have to be acknowledged and to say anything else is condescending and shows that you either do not care about them or see yourself above them. African Americans are fully aware that Republicans only appear in their community on election time if ever and no amount of negativity or doomsday reporting about what the Democratic Party is doing will change the mind of blacks if Republicans make no effort to reach out to them. They vote Democrat because most have never seen a Republican in life. The Right complains about the work Al Sharpton does all of the time calling him a race hustler, but why is the Republican Party not in the community telling their side of the story when he appears? Why are Republicans not in the community the same way Al Sharpton is to equally reach out to blacks.

6) Republicans do not campaign to blacks because there is something wrong with the audience:
It may be true that African Americans are indoctrinated by the Democratic party in public schools and in the community but there is hardly anything wrong with them. Republicans and other races are not supreme beings but simply have a difference in ideology than the Democratic Party has. To state something is wrong with the audience meaning blacks that means that they are looked upon as being “less than” and that is a troublesome mindset to have.

The bottom line is that the Republican party has done a poor job reaching out to African Americans and this is something that has to change. Black conservatives need to get up from the table at fundraisers and reach out to their own people as well.

In Washington, D.C. Republican candidate for ward 7, Ron Moten campaigned in black areas and actually had a good turnout as well as managed to recruit some blacks into the party. More people like him are needed within the party, proving what has said to be impossible for decades to be possible. You have to start somewhere.

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  • http://www.Youtube.com/JungleCatPoles Mr Jungle Cat Poles

    The truth is that IF Republicans wanted to reach out to the black community then they WOULD. They haven’t done it and they have no plans to do it. And even if they did decide to reach out, they wouldn’t be sincere because their policies don’t reflect ANY care or concerns. Point blank.

    • Mark Davis

      Blacks have been given a free ride in the last several decades. Under the Republicans the gravy train would come to a screeching halt.

  • dk

    If only we could harness the power that we have and tell both dems and repubs to kick rocks. One could make the argument that repubs are indifferent or openly hostile to black interests, but can a serious argument be made that the dems care about black interests? Not in warm, fuzzy liberal talking points, but actual RESULTS. Democrat policies have done nothing for the black community but perpetuate a culture of victimhood and second class status. We’re better than that. We just have to show it. Political free agents is what we need to be. Libertarianism is the political philosophy that most closely aligns to black interests in this country. Our votes need to be earned, not wasted on a bunch of panderers.

  • Mark Davis

    Under the Republicans they would actually have to work. Government jobs would dry up. Affirmative action would evaporate. Welfare system would be pared back. Worst of all they will have to pay for their on cell bills, rents, car payments and the baby making machines will not receive a check for each child.