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How Many Opportunities to Reach out to Minorities will the GOP Miss?

In the age of a growing minority black electorate, it not only is common sense, but crucial that Republicans reach out to minority voters. It was found that if we had the 2004 demographics during the 2012 election, Mitt Romney would have won. Now that we’re clear that...Read More »

US Poverty Rate Hasn't Changed in 50 Years; How Can We Address It?

During a speech at Georgetown University this past May, President Obama voiced the need to resume the War on Poverty, expressing the 40% drop in the poverty rate since its inception. It is true that in 1950 the poverty rate stood at a staggering 32.3%, but the fact...Read More »

Fox News' Bob Beckel Flips the Bird on Live Television

During an episode of Fox News’ The Five this week, liberal panelist Bob Beckel caused quite a stir this week when he lost his cool during a discussion on race with Jesse Watters. During the heated debate, Watters suggested that Democrats used race baiting tactics like...Read More »

Hillary Clinton Still Undecided on Running for President

Hillary Clinton said on Friday while speaking to the Telmex Foundation graduates in Mexico that she would decide whether she will run for President in 2016 next year.

“I am going to be making a decision,” Clinton said at an event in Mexico City, “probably after the...Read More »

Obama Vows to Destroy Islamic State After Second Beheaded American

A second American journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded in another video message directed at President Obama by the same British ISIS terrorist who said more killings are to come. Two weeks ago when news of the first beheading occurred, President Obama said he didn’t have a...Read More »

Obama Shames the Nation Taking On Terrorism in a Tan Suit

President Obama gave a speech from the White House to discuss a turning point in his administration’s foreign policy including the threat of ISIS and the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the civil war in Syria, all to be overshadowed by an ill-fitting tan suit. The speech comes...Read More »

Lois Lerner Intentionally Erased Blackberry During IRS Probe

President Obama said during this year’s Super Bowl Sunday to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that there was not a “smidgen of corruption” within the IRS, a sentiment proving to be more and more disingenuous by the day. This was said approximately one year into an FBI...Read More »

Obama Receives Backlash for Golfing After Terrorist Beheads American

This week, Islamic terrorist organization ISIS posted a video online beheading American journalist James Foley, then announced the killing of yet another American journalist Joel Sotloff if airstrikes were to continue in Iraq. After being informed of the incident on Air Force One leaving...Read More »

Maryland Mayor Evicted from Office & Will Work from a Tent

Seat Pleasant, Maryland Mayor Eugene Grant was evicted from his office and city hall this week for allegations of staff mistreatment and creating a hostile work environment. A closed door city council meeting this past Monday with a four out of seven majority vote, the decision was made to...Read More »

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Lies About Not Trying to Impeach Pres. Bush

Today Democratic lawmaker Sheila Jackson Lee stood and spoke on the House floor against suing President Obama, stating that it was an underhanded attempt to have him impeached. She continued on saying that there was never a push by Democrats to have President Bush...Read More »

Obama Administration Knew About VA Problems Since 2008 Election

As of this summer, in an internal audit of the United States Veterans Health Administration, it was discovered that over 120,000 veterans faced extreme wait times if they were ever seen at all, along with a whopping 40 who died in Phoenix, Arizona facilities alone. A $1 milion Justice Department...Read More »

Obama Refuses to Say Where in America Illegals are being Sent

Just as it is expected that 90,000 illegal immigrant children will be entering the United States through our unsecured borders with protests popping up around the country when the site of buses come such as in Arizona, the White House has decided not to let the public know where this...Read More »

Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants to be Sent to Chicago and Detroit

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Chicago, 70 people were shot with 13 left dead; in Detroit it was just announced that the city will be tearing down 1/5th of the city to help curve blight, and how does this administration decide to address the problem, by sending...Read More »

Rep Stockman Moves to Have Lois Lerner Arrested Over IRS Scandal

Former IRS Tax Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner has been accused of criminal conspiracy in multiple ongoing investigations both by the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stating the IRS unfairly targeted Conservative groups. She has been held in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about...Read More »

A Close Look at President Obama's Manufactured Border Crisis

As of right now, over 50,000 children have crossed the Southwest border into America, approximately a 100% increase from fiscal year 2013 and a total of 90,000 are expected to cross by year end. Outbreaks of rabies, scabies, chicken pox, staph infections and visible lice have been noted...Read More »

Detroit Announces Tearing Down 1/5th of the City

“When all else fails, tear it down” is soon to become the de facto motto in Detroit. The Obama administration mandated Detroit Blight Removal Task Force has declared 22% of the city as blighted including vacant, damaged and dangerous buildings. It has been recommended that the city spend $850,000 to...Read More »

Republicans Were Right Not to Extend Unemployment Benefits

If you thought Hillary Clinton‘s famous irate Benghazi hearing with her flailing arm movements was something, President Obama‘s latest effort to stick it to Republicans will really tickle your fancy. In a speech Tuesday at Georgetown Waterfront Park, the President gave a very aggressive speech in...Read More »

Republican Lawyer Kris Hammond Runs for DC City Council

The DC Republican Party is establishing their roots in liberal Washington, taking the city’s Democrat leadership to task, starting with former Justice Department attorney Kris Hammond who announced yesterday that he is running for Chairman of the DC City Council. Hammond will be challenging incumbent Phil...Read More »

DC Official to Get Criminal Charges for Hiding Tape Recording

A low level Washington, DC official serving as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe may possibly be facing criminal charges for refusing to turn over a tape recording of an ANC meeting for an entire year. ANC members are non-paid elected officials and because of this they are often...Read More »

Is DC Mayor Vince Gray Looking to Stage a Marion Barry Type Comeback?

Vincent Gray, the mayor of Washington, DC recently lost the Democratic nomination to be re-elected on April 1st to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser. Following the election we had the idea that the successor of his Ward 7 Council seat Yvette Alexander should switch...Read More »

Doug Gansler Says Healthcare is a Right but Fails to Insure His Staff

Maryland gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Doug Gansler recently released a new commercial stating that healthcare is a right. As noble of an idea as that it, the ironic part is that he has failed to insure his own staff. His opponent, Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown...Read More »

DC Mayor Vince Gray Loses Re-Election Bid Amidst Scandal

This week, DC Mayor Vince Gray lost his seat in the primary election with 32 percent of the vote to Democratic nominee and ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser‘s 44 percent. Despite Bowser winning, it seemed as though US Attorney for the District Ron Machen...Read More »

D.C. Is Screwed in This Mayor's Race and Here's Why

Election day is Tuesday, April 1st for the Mayor of Washington, DC, with leading contenders being Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser and incumbent, Mayor Vincent Gray. The election has largely been about ethics, highlighting allegations of corruptions that have clouded Gray’s tenure as mayor from him...Read More »

Is Maryland Ready for a Black Republican Governor?

In recent years the state of Maryland has seen a County Executive go to prison for accepting bribes and ordering his wife to flush the cash down the toilet, a current Governor promoted from being mayor of the worst city in the state and this just scratches the surface. Democratic...Read More »

Is DC Mayor Vince Gray Paying Off the Media for Good Press?

Washington, D.C. Mayor Vince Gray had a rocky start to his mayorship, from the $650,000+ shadown campaign of illegal donations which has been under investigation for three years to financing the campaign of mayoral candidate Sulaiman Brown paying him to bully incumbent Adrian Fenty on the...Read More »

Why Are African Americans Not Voting Republican?

President Barack Obama won the African American vote by far in the 2012 election, such a high margin it isn’t worth listing the percentage. This is partly because of a black presidential candidate. Even if Barack Obama wasn’t running and there was a Caucasian candidate they would likely...Read More »

Edward Snowden Reportedly Hiding in Russia Living on Ramen Noodles and Chips

United States fugitive Edward Snowden who famously leaked national intelligence secrets just gave a 14 hour interview to the Washington post declaring his “mission is already accomplished” and he has “already won.” He now believes that the challenge is to stress privacy and the end of mas government...Read More »

[VIDEO] Santa Claus Gets Shot in Southeast Washington while Giving Away Toys

Today in Southeast Washington during a toy giveaway Christmas Eve in the Barry Farms housing project, a man dressed as Santa Claus was shot down with a pellet gun. The D.C. police statement stated that after hearing a popping sound he felt a sharp pain. He is now...Read More »

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Released from Hospital After Bout with Exhaustion

This morning Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wasn’t feeling well according to his spokesperson Adam Jentleson and as a precaution he decided to go to the hospital. “Tests have been conducted and everything is normal,” Jentleson said. “He is alert, resting and feeling better.” Reid did...Read More »

D.C. Residents Make 71% Above the National Average

Washington, D.C., called Boomtown this week by The Drudge Report is doing exceptionally well with the city’s per capita personal income $74.773 which is a whopping 71% higher than the national average. In terms of salary and wages the District outpaces the country 79%. These statistics are a testament to...Read More »

Home Values in D.C. Expected to Have Risen $64.5 Billion in 2013

Recession proof Washington is experiencing excellent returns in the area real estate market with the value of D.C. homes expected to have risen a total of $64.5 billion this year. Last year on the other hand according to an analysis from Zillow Real Estate Market Reports, the cumulative home...Read More »

Donohoe Construction to Build Apartments Above Navy Yard Metro Station

The vacant lot that has been sitting above Navy Yard Metro Station in Southeast Washington has just been confirmed as soon to be apartments by Donohoe Construction. The new construction known as the Gallery at Capitol Riverfront at 1111 New Jersey Avenue in Southeast Washington is a planned 13 story,...Read More »

New Commerical of Shirtless Gay Men Used to Sell ObamaCare - Is This a New Low?

President Obama‘s approval rating is at the lowest of his presidency and in Iowa it’s the lowest he has had in any state. Desperate times call for desperate measures and that is exactly what the President has been doing. Over the summer he called on Hollywood to help...Read More »

Beware DC, Parking Free Apartment Buildings are Now the New Trend

In Washington, D.C. we have an urban progressive movement spearheaded by Councilmember Tommy Wells running for mayor on the slogan of “livable, walkable communities.” If you would like to see a likely outcome of his transit-friendly approach to development, look no further than Portland, Oregon. In 2002, Portland Mayor...Read More »

New CEO Chosen for Covenant House Washington

Covenant House Washington, the organization where DC’s current Mayor Vincent Gray was a Founding Director spending a decade growing the homeless outreach service has just named a new CEO. Dr. Madye Henson, the former Deputy Superintendent for Alexandria City Public Schools is now the President and CEO....Read More »

D.C. City Council Corruption Report Card

With an upcoming mayoral election, D.C. residents have the chance to address mounting city corruption with their vote. That is at least what mayoral candidates Tommy Wells and Muriel Bowser are hoping for as they are both touting their ethics on the campaign trail. Two years...Read More »

Fox News Refuses to Attack Nelson Mandela and Here's Why

Nelson Mandela, the first black President of South Africa died last Thursday, sparking the mourning of people around the world whose death has brought many world leaders of varied beliefs together. In his death, Nelson Mandela has generally been accepted as a hero across the globe, but many Republicans...Read More »

Top Vegan Eats in Washington, D.C.

According to new studies presented at the Obesity Society’s annual conference, it has been found that vegan diets are more effective at weight loss than calorie counting meat inclusive diets. It is findings like this that are causing vegan diets to become more mainstream with more...Read More »

Letter from our Editor-in-Chief

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You may notice that older articles are not appearing. Archived articles will be...Read More »

Just What Does $500,000 Buy in Washington, DC?

The average home in Washington, DC sold for more than $800,000 just a few months ago, up $149,527 from last year, but don’t fret, if your budget caps off at $500,000, there are plenty of options for you to join the D.C. real estate market. The good news...Read More »

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray Compares His Struggle to Nelson Mandela's

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black President, considered an international hero passed away this Thursday. Politicians around the world have wasted no time in shamelessly comparing their careers to the life of a man who spent 27 years in prison fighting Apartheid, and D.C. Mayor Read More »

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